Top Ten Worst Modern Doctor Who Episodes

Welcome to Harmonica's Wing. I am HarmonicaJay and I love Doctor Who. The series revolves around an alien by the name of The Doctor who travels through space and time in a spaceship which is stuck in the shape of a police box from the 1960's called The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) while fighting aliens and saving lives, usually alongside an attractive female Companion. What makes the series brilliant is that the series has lasted 50 years due to the show's creation of the concept of Regeneration. Whenever an actor is preparing to leave the show, the Doctor is wounded and changes bodies as well as personalities. The main law of Doctor Who is that while the actor and the look changes, the core of the Doctor stays the same: An adventurous alien that is odd in all the right ways with a strong moral center.

Now, dear readers, if you are like me, chances are that you started watching Doctor Who with the Modern Series. While I love Doctor Who and many aspects of…