How I would fix Lupinranger vs Patranger Part 3: The Story

Welcome back to my final part of how I would fix Lupinranger vs Patranger. This time we talk about an overarching story for the series that has more of a presence than the monster of the week formula it currently has now. Before I begin, let's talk about the current story that is happening in the show. As stated in previous parts, the series is about the two Sentai teams going against a group of monsters called The Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler. The Ganglers have stolen a myriad of items from the collection of the Gentleman Thief Arsene Lupin that give them special abilities in addition to their current ones. One of the Ganglers, Zamigo, has killed loved ones of the Lupinrangers and the Lupinrangers are fighting the Ganglers to retrieve the Collection Pieces in order to use the power to wish for their loved ones to be revived. The Patrangers are fighting the Ganglers to keep the peace while clashing with the Lupinrangers. In addition to the main teams, there is the

How I would fix Lupinranger vs Patranger Part 2: Fixing the Villains

From Sentai Kamen Pretty Fan Tumblr A good group of heroes need a good group of villains to play against. Thus, when the villains are as mediocre as the heroes, it really hurts the show. I have no regrets in saying that the Ganglers are some of the most disappointing villans I've seen in Power Rangers and Sentai. The main villain and leader of the Ganglers is Dogranio Yaboon. Dogranio is basically a monster mob boss. He's the leader of a gang of monsters consisting of his bodyguard Destra Majjo, Goche Ru Medou, a female monster scientist who is in charge of growing the monsters as well as doing experiments on the safes embedded in each Gangler's body, and Zamigo Delma, the monster responsible for killing the loved ones of the Lupinrangers as well as possibly giving human forms to his fellow Ganglers. On paper, these seem fine. However, the problem with the Ganglers is that aside from the premise, there is nothing about them that really makes them distinct as char

How I would fix LupinRanger vs PatRanger Part 1

Sourced from The Tokusatsu Network Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger is the latest Sentai series from Toei. The series is about two Sentai Teams, the basis for all the Power Ranger Series, that are in conflict with one another with the premise being that they would eventually join sides. The teams were basically a team of three cops (The Patrangers) and a team of three thieves (The Lupinrangers). Now as a long time Power Rangers fan, I was excited to watch this series with my roommates, wanting to see a premise with promise. However, to this day, I consider it to be one of the worst Sentai Series of all time. The reason I and my friends feel this way is that the show has made many missteps in terms of character writing, storytelling, not developing its main arc, and balancing out the portrayal of its main cast as equal, only focusing on portraying one side in a truly positive light. This makes me angry most of all because LuPatranger was a series that ha

Transformers vs The Status Quo: Change for the better

You know what's the most frustrating aspect of being a comic book fan? The Status Quo. Not diversity and introducing gay characters. Not killing your favorite character in gruesome and horrible ways. It's the Status Quo and the ever present reset button that the big two, Marvel and DC Comics, will always hit when it seems like the changes that are being made will finally sink in permanently. Here are some examples as of late. Batman has to remain single because his mission to protect Gotham will never allow him true happiness in a relationship and will distract him from protecting the city. (Even though having a relationship with someone meaningful might give him one more reason to try and stomp out super-villains once and for all so he can have a family with someone like Selina Kyle) Spider-Man MUST remain single, or at least not married, because Responsibility, Sacrifice, Greatest Power, and because it ages him so single and virginal comic nerds won't

Top Ten Worst Modern Doctor Who Episodes

Welcome to Harmonica's Wing. I am HarmonicaJay and I love Doctor Who. The series revolves around an alien by the name of The Doctor who travels through space and time in a spaceship which is stuck in the shape of a police box from the 1960's called The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) while fighting aliens and saving lives, usually alongside an attractive female Companion. What makes the series brilliant is that the series has lasted 50 years due to the show's creation of the concept of Regeneration. Whenever an actor is preparing to leave the show, the Doctor is wounded and changes bodies as well as personalities. The main law of Doctor Who is that while the actor and the look changes, the core of the Doctor stays the same: An adventurous alien that is odd in all the right ways with a strong moral center. Original Image from Now, dear readers, if you are like me, chances are that you started watching Doctor Who with the Modern Seri